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Which UDFAs Will Make the Team?

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CB Jason Horton DE Jason Parker S Khayyam Burns LB E.J. Kuale K Conner Barth
CB Maurice Leggett DE Johnny Dingle S Ron Girault LB Lerue Rumph
CB Will Poole DE Jonal Saint-Dic LB Steve Octavien
DT Derek Lokey LB Weston Dacus
DT Maurice Murray
*** *** *** *** ***
G Chris McDuffie RB Dantrell Savage FB Mike Cox T Ken Shackleford WR Jabari Arthur
G Edwin Harrison RB Kalvin McRae FB Steven Jackson WR Kevin McMahan
G Ian-Yates Cunningham
G L.J. Anderson


Above are the current undrafted free agents on the Kansas City Chiefs roster. There may be one or two guys in the waiver wire flux but we can manage for now.

I'm only going to say two of these players make it - FB Mike Cox and K Connor Barth. Cox because he's a former Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket and played under Chan Gailey. Barth, because, well, we don't have many other options at this point. We need to invest in a kicker and that investment will be mainly one of time. Barth seems to have that mental stability that Justin Medlock did not.

So, in my opinion, only two of these guys make it on to the roster. History says that number is about average when it comes to undrafted free agents.