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A Few Updates from Herm Edwards

From yesterday's Q&A on the mothership.

Branden Albert's ankle sounds like it's going to be okay and that Albert is almost guaranteed to be our starting left tackle this year.

"Still sore. If we had to play he could play. There are certain guys who probably could play if we had a game but we’re going to be careful now. He’s shown us enough that he can play tackle for us."

After today's practice in St. Joe, MO, the team will be "off" until late July. The rookies will stick around for a bit after today though.

"They’ll continue to condition. The coaches won’t be around. [Strength and Conditioning coach] Cedric [Smith] will have them. They’ll do all that and they have to go [visit] the [Pro Football] Hall of Fame. They’ll have the weights. We have some other things planned for them."

Does anyone else get the feeling that Damon Huard will be on this team forever? For-ever.

"You need a guy who can go in who, if something should happen, can manage the game. It was tough on him last year and we were OK early. Then we couldn’t run the ball and struggled some. If you can’t run the ball it makes it tough on any quarterback."

Come on KC Media. You know Herm doesn't take kindly to the expression that the Kansas City Chiefs "squeaked" into the playoffs in 2006.

"If you look at us when we got in the playoffs, in my opinion, you knew what kind of team you had. You knew what these guys accomplished to get in. We squeaked in but we won enough games at the end. We won the last game that we needed to win."

Hermism alert!

"We’ve got a young crop of players who are very good and in two drafts prior to that two crops who are good. You’re talking about going from one of the oldest teams to one of the youngest teams in football. That’s good for us and I think the fans will enjoy watching this team play."

It seems like everything he says nowadays could be considered a Hermism. Or I'm going crazy. One of the two.

Finally, Herm leaves us with a rather shaky statement about getting the Chiefs draft picks signed and in training camp on time.

"They have to make the decision. Their agents do the negotiations but they have to understand that at the end of the day I play football and I’ve got to make sure he gets it done. I’m pretty sure they’ll get there."

Oddly enough, as the Chiefs practice for the final time before training camp, we'll be ramping up our posts here at AP. This is the most boring time for Chiefs news and NFL news in general so we're going to flip the script and do our best to make the next 57 days as interesting as possible. I can't promise excitement - that comes with exciting news - but I can promise interesting discussion. And that's where you come in just as much as me.

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