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What Would Herm Say about Branden Albert's Sprained Ankle?

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From the venerable Kent Babb, at the KC Star.

Albert shuffled to his left and leaned against a wall. He smiled, acknowledging that hazing is part of the rookie welcome, injury or not.

Albert was standing when he said the sprained ankle he suffered Sunday likely would keep him out of the Chiefs’ final week of offseason practice. He did not practice Tuesday and said he didn’t expect to work today or Thursday.

Imagine you're Herm Edwards and a reporter just asked you about Albert's off-season sprained ankle. Do your best Herm impression in the comments. Spice it up with a Hermism if you've got one.

"He's a young guy. Young guys get over that stuff quickly. He'll be fine. Rest, that's the key. We'll rest him."