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Who's the Bust?

There weren't any pictures of Ryan Sims actually playing football so he had one painted. (Photo source)

If you browse through this list of Kansas City Chiefs' draft picks, you'll notice that just about every year there is a first day player taken that far and away didn't play up to his draft pick value.

I'm talking about Junior Siavii (2004 R2), Kris Wilson (2004 R2), Julian Battle (2003 R3), Eddie Freeman (2002 R2) and Eric Downing (2001 R3). Guys like Sly Mo, Ryan Sims. You know what I'm talking about.

I'm not levying criticism on the Chiefs for this because, as we all know, the draft is pretty much a crap shoot when you get far enough away from it. Every team has busts.

My question to you is, if it's going to happen, which one of our first day draft picks is going to have an NFL career that falls far below their current expectations? Glenn Dorsey, Branden Albert, Brandon Flowers and Jamaal Charles are your choices. (I know Charles wasn't a first day guy but his expectations and value are closer to a second round pick than a third IMO)

It's also possible to make the case that all four of these guys are coming into ideal situations - Dorsey should improve one of the league's worst run defenses; Albert immediately becomes one of the best offensive linemen; Flowers has a starting spot reserved for him in a scheme he knows; and Jamaal Charles will be given enough time to acclimate to the league before he's given a starting nod.

Who's the "bust"?

It's Game Time.

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