Herm on Red Zone w/ Soren Petro

Head Coach Herm Edwards was on the Red Zone show with Soren Petro this afternoon and I thought I would pass along some tidbits:

Why Alfonso Boone at LDE:  When asked why he is planning to put Boone at LDE instead of Turk, Herm replied that Turk WOULD be playing DE alot in passing situations.  But he wants Boone at DE most of the time because Boone will be much better at stuffing the run on the right side where teams rush the majority of the time.  When Soren replied that then teams would be passing and Boone wouldn't be able to apply enough pressure, Herm said (paraphrasing):

 "Good.  We want them to pass because then we have them right where we want them.  Take away the run and they're playing right into our hand because when we know they're passing, we don't have to just rush four guys.  We can rush five guys.  We can rush six guys.  If we can take away the run, we're the ones in control."

On drafting Jamaal Charles because he was BPA:  While talking about the Chiefs strategy in the draft of taking the Best Player Available Herm says: "And then when you're in the third round and Jamaal Charles is still sitting there, I said "Are you kidding me?!  We gotta get that guy!".


On drafting Morgan when they have Pollard & Page:  Soren asked about why the Chiefs took the Safety DaJuan Morgan when they still had Pollard and Page and whether it meant that one of their jobs were in danger.  Herm replied that those players are still in good standing but they wanted to have more safeties to rotate in and keep fresh.  He indicated that on known passing downs they could use three safeties on the field at the same time.


On the possibility of turning Pollard into a Linebacker: Herm indicated they had not even considered changing Pollards position, but that they have always wanted to move him down in the box for run defense more but in the past they have not had the other pieces on the defense to be able to do that alot.


Guys Herm liked in the draft but didn't get:  Herm said they really liked Antoine Cason, CB from Arizona, and thought he might fall to them but he was selected by San Diego in the late 1st round.  He also really liked RB Jonathan Stewart from Oregon who he said would become a "complete back".


Where Herm thinks the Chiefs will be picking in next years draft: "Oh man, maybe mid 20s, early 20s.  Somewhere around there."

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