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Morning Update (Beer Vendor Edition)

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  • In the Bahamas, his home country, Kansas City Chiefs WR Devard Darling is a big deal.

  • A local KC area beer vendor wrote a book about his experiences. Any beer vendor blogs out there?

  • Speaking of beer vendors in KC, I went to the Royals game last night. In the third inning or so, a woman passed out All-Star game ballots, which she would pick up in a few innings. I grabbed mine and immediately started smelling the newly printed paper and ink, which I don't feel like I'm alone in doing. I glance up at the monster high def screen they have at Kauffman Stadium only to see myself with my face buried in my All-Star ballot. I did the customary, "Where is the camera?!?!" head swivel before everyone else laughed.

  • Stripe Hype, a Cincinnati Bengals blog, is being threatened with a lawsuit by the Cincinnati Bengals.

  • Hashmarks says that RB Travis Henry may be out in Denver, depending on whether or not the team brings another running back on. If Henry is cut, he'll actually have the time to make all of children's visitations.

  • Bob Kravitz of the Indy Star -- "What do any of us really know about what went down -- or didn't go down -- last week in Harrison's childhood neighborhood in Philadelphia?"

  • A lot of people were clamoring about drafing OG Eric Young out of Tennessee. I believe I even saw a few mock drafts with him going in the 5th round. Well, he was waived by the Browns yesterday, after a brief flirtation with the NFL. He may be back somewhere else but I wanted to point out how fans group think can accelerate so quickly without rhyme or reason.

I believe it was swift who asked for an updated list of the undrafted free agents (UDFA) the Kansas City Chiefs had signed. Here are the 17 initial UDFA signings, which were announced on May 2.

WR Jabari Arthur, WR Sean Bailey, K Connor Barth, FB Mike Cox, G Ian-Yates Cunningham, DE Johnny Dingle, S Ron Girault, CB Maurice Leggett, DT Derek Lokey, G Chris McDuffie, RB Kalvin McRae, DT Maurice Murray, LB Steve Octavien, DE Jason Parker, DE Jonal Saint-Dic, QB Ricky Santos and WR Luke Swan.

The Chiefs invited over 40 players to their rookie camp this past weekend, in addition to the players listed above. The only new signing I've come across is Arkansas LB Weston Dacus, who was invited to camp without a contract and left with a two-year deal.

More to come later today.