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Morning Update (More Hard Knocks Edition)

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  • Local running back Tony Temple of Missouri was cut by the Browns and picked up by the Bills yesterday.

  • More Herm Edwards platitudes in a bit of a sour Kansas City Star article -- "But we got a lot. We got some tight ends. We think we’re better there. We’ve got another runner. The problem is they’re all young, but that’s OK."

  • Former Arkansas LB Weston Dacus didn't come into Kansas City with a signed contract but left with one yesterday. More on Dacus here.

  • Oklahoma St. RB Dantrell Savage participated in the rookie camp and expects to sign a contract with the Chiefs later this month. Chan Gailey said -- "He's not a big back. He's not a thumper. He's a smaller, quicker guy, but he has good speed." More on Savage here.

  • Another mention in that previous article is since NFL Europe folded, NFL teams now have about eight fewer roster spots to give out. That's 250 fewer spots available to free agents in the NFL as a whole.

  • Looks like the Cowboys are up next for HBO's Hard Knocks.

  • I don't know what it is but Edgerrin James has screwed me multiple years in fantasy football, which is why I hate reading headlines like this -- Edge Certainly Not Worried About His Job.

We should be hearing about a couple more free agent signings from this past weekend. LB Weston Dacus was one and I don't imagine there will be too many more.

I'm grabbing a bit of coffee then we'll be back.