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Looking Ahead

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The draft has come and gone.

The next mini-camp isn't until the early part of June.

The Chiefs' players aren't making headlines with their off-the field-behavior (Which is a good thing).

So....what are we going to talk about for the next month? Hell, the next two months?

Last year it was the Trent Green trade/Larry Johnson hold out updates that kept us going. Seriously. Look back at the archives for June. There was nothing going on.

Alas, we found things to talk about though. This time last year was when AP really took off in terms of traffic. Like we do today, we were talking Chiefs everyday back then and people seemed to find it appealing. This is still one of the few if not the only place where Chiefs information is posted daily. We have our good days and our bad days content-wise but we're here each and every week day in the off-season.

We'll still have daily coverage here like we normally do but this year I wanted to make a post asking for your off-season ideas. Is there anything Chiefs/football related you want to see up here on the front page? Are we missing news you'd like us to cover?

I know we have the FanPost and FanShot sections for you guys and girls to post your thoughts but if you've had a grander idea in your head as of late (or aren't really interested in posting FanPosts/FanShots), let us know.

Let's use this post for brainstorming ideas to get through the summer months. Best plays of 2007? Power ranking the Chiefs players? All-time best draft picks?

Anything at all, let us know in the comment section and either I'll run with it or one of our many, many talent readers will.

Thanks for reading!