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Morning Update (Rookies Everywhere Edition)

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  • Chris Leak, at the Kansas City Chiefs' rookie camp this weekend.

  • You can tell Steven at Arrowhead Addict that the feeling is mutual.

  • This is a bit old but it sounds like our newly drafted safety DaJuan Morgan is a pretty entertaining guy. Who else gives you lines like this -- "Third, Bill Clinton because he was the realest president in my eyes." Hat tips everywhere.

  • Out of the 32 NFL teams, Peter King has the Chiefs ranked 31st. Get used to spots like that for the Chiefs. And why should anyone rank us any higher right now? We'll end 2008 on a much higher note than ranked 31st in the league but it's understandable why no one will concede that to us now. King is like most I've read when he ended with this line -- "The Chiefs will be looking for the best quarterback in the draft next April."

  • You're a rookie who was just drafted a week ago. It's your first practice in the NFL. Ever. What do you do? Oversleep.

  • C.E. Wendler says give Carl Peterson a lttle credit for this year's successful draft and the Chiefs' new, draft-centric approach. I'll play contrarian here and say while bringing in a draft-minded head coach like Herm Edwards was a good call by Carl Peterson, giving the Jets a 4th round pick for Herm was not a good, draft-minded decision.

  • The media still attaches the word "versatility" to Kris Wilson whenever his name his mentioned. Is there an unwritten rule about this?

The Chiefs had one of their rookie mini-camps this past weekend and it was different than every other one in the NFL. 67 players total were invited.

The Chiefs invited only the undrafted free agents they had signed as well as a number of other undrafted college players to try out for the team. They didn't invite any draft picks, a good call in my opinion. More undrafted free agents were probably willing to come try out for the Chiefs because of that. Herm said, "I told these guys, 'We brought you here, we're the only team doing this, that actually has a camp where it's all rookies and no draft choices."

Herm went on -- "What coaches do is take them first and coach them the whole time," he said. "They don't worry about the rest of the guys. This way, we just look at the players. They don't know who has contracts or not, which is even better."

CB Tyron Brackenridge was the only undrafted free agent to make the Kansas City Chiefs' squad last year. The year prior to that, LB William Kershaw and WR Chris Hannon were undrafted free agents who briefly flirted with the Chiefs' practice squad before moving on.