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The Gretz-Fueled OMG Rumor Mill

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Today posted Bob Gretz's review of the second week of OTAs. So many interesting ideas, so many nuggets of information, and so many opinions offered up in this grab-bag makes it impossible to block-quote.

So let's jump in. Keep in mind, no opinion is too premature at this point!


Receivers had trouble lining up in the right spots and defensive linemen were jumping before the snap. There were several false starts and two little skirmishes between offensive and defensive linemen. The two officials working the practices threw more penalty flags on Thursday afternoon than they did in the previous six practices.

We are totally going to have 9,000 penalties this year. We are screwed!


The other place that increased athletic ability can be seen is at running back. Larry Johnson is running well, with no visible problems from last year’s broken foot. Jackie Battle, signed at the end of last year, has been very impressive, showing both speed and power. Draft choice Jamaal Charles has shown his burst and a wiggle in his running style that leaves potential tacklers grasping for air. Even college free agent Dantrell Savage out of Oklahoma State has shown some nice moves.

We are totally going to run for a million yards this year. We are saved!


The Chiefs linebackers are a step slow. There is a lot of thinking going on, as they adjust to Cunningham and what he’s demanding of them. A strong base of fundamentals is what Gunther is trying to build here and he’s not going to let up or move on until these guys are reacting with the right stances and steps.

We won't be able to tackle anybody this year. We are screwed.


Rookie kicker Connor Barth proved he was human on Thursday. He was wide right by inches on a 48-yard attempt. It was the first missed field goal he’s had during the team practices over the last two weeks. That makes him the preliminary favorite to be the team’s kicker.

Barth saves the day! We are saved!

There's a bunch of other juicy nuggets in there as well to get your blood pumping this afternoon. Post your thoughts here and we can cry/despair together.