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Napoleon Harris Surprised By Speculation About His Job Status

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Kansas City Chiefs middle linebacker Napoleon Harris has been startled by the speculation that he may not be a part of the starting squad in 2008 .  Judging by the fact that he was the team's leading tackler last year, he has good reason to be surprised by recent media reports indicating he's out in the middle.  But, as it currently stands, he is the starting middle linebacker for the team, at least according to the coaches.

"Coaches tell me one thing, I read another," said Harris.  KC Star reporter Jeffrey Flanagan even received an e-mail from someone claiming to be Harris expressing concern over the Demorrio Williams signing.  Harris, though, claims that e-mail didn't come from him.  "It might have been my brother — he does that stuff. I don’t know."

He might be the victim of Herm Edwards movement to completely overhaul the roster after a pathetic 4-12 campaign in 2007.  Or the criticism might be valid.

One theory has Williams occupying one of the outside spots with Donnie Edwards moving to the middle.  Harris is convinced that, even though he led the team with 123 tackles last year, all the speculation is "last year's news."

So, will our starting LB crew look like Williams, Edwards, Johnson or Edwards, Harris, Johnson?