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What Herm & Chan Are Telling Us

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Herm Edwards and new offensive coordinator Chan Gailey both spoke with the media Tuesday, as the Chiefs came off a four-day weekend to begin their second week of OTAs.

Herm's Q&A is here, and Chan's is here.

What are we beginning to learn about this new Chiefs team through these interviews?

Well besides awesome, information-bursting answers like these...

Q: What is it about Brodie that has you sold?

GAILEY: “He has ability. He works at it and he’s smart. And good.”

...very, very little. Few subjects were candidly discussed other than the basic difference between young guys and old guys in training camp.

So it's our obligation as the Red & Gold Die-Hards to read between these lines. I ask that you help me figure out what exactly Herm and Chan are implying.

Here's a few things I'm picking up on, add on if you can think of anything:

1. Nobody seems to agree what exactly happened to LJ's foot:

EDWARDS: When he got hurt he didn’t even get tackled really. He just twisted his foot.
GAILEY: We’re not pushing too much, too fast. Those toes are dangerous things so you have to be smart about that. We’re going to go slow with it. But he’s been great so far.
Q: What were your concerns with a guy coming off of a broken foot?

So we have a broken foot that's been twisted with a toe thing somewhere.

2. We should not expect this to be the Steelers' circus offense from the Gailey years.

Chan and Herm clearly believe the answer to fixing this offense lies not through the trickery that was a hallmark of Gailey's Steeler offense that won a Super Bowl, but through simply acquiring better players. Gailey used the word "magic" about forty-three times to underline the point that there's no wand to wave here... you just hope Croyle's the guy and surround him with the right pieces.

Even as Gailey tries to deny this offense a label, he and Herm both agree this is a smashmouth offense. They also seem to be indicating things will remain simple for the youngins. Be nervous if you were highly critical of Solari's two-page playbook. This offense will not be fixed overnight. It's probably not even going to be fixed in 2008. It will take some time -- much like it took Herm time to retool this defense.

3. This year's OTAs are incredibly boring so far.

We have a bunch of young guys in there, including 13 draft picks. That's going to make for one of the most captivating preseasons we've had in an incredibly long time, but it's apparently making for some horrendously dull OTAs.

First off, the Chiefs are running very basic drills, very basic offensive and defensive sets right now to teach the young guys the ABCs. Secondly, we have an entirely new OC this year, so the offense is spending the entire OTA period just picking up the different pieces of his playbook.

That's all I got for now. What're you guys sensing from these interviews?