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Community Projections: Tony Gonzalez

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Last year, I said this about Tony Gonzalez's up coming 2007 season:

In week 1 against Cincinnati, after Trent Green went down, TG hauled in 10 catches for 81 yards and a TD. While checking out last year's week by week stats, it was obvious that Damon Huard and Tony Gonzalez vibed pretty well. In the 10 weeks that Huard was the QB last year, TG had 588 yards receiving while going over 100 yards/game in weeks 7 and 8.

With Huard at the helm and a shaky receiving corp, we can expect another Pro Bowl season from TG. My projection:


You know the rest of the story. Gonzalez bested two out my three predictions. He caught 99 passes for 1,172 yards and five touchdowns.

Gonzalez is closing in on another major record for tight ends -- career receiving yards. He is only 78 yards behind former Bronco/Raven Shannon Sharpe, who, judging by our comments about him, isn't the most popular guy among Chiefs' fans.

Once Gonzalez surpasses Sharpe in the career receiving yards category, his work as far as the record books are concerned will be complete.

Most career receptions by a tight end. Most touchdowns caught by a tight end. And most career receiving yards.

I learned my lesson last year when I underestimated the NFL's greatest tight end. My projections for this year are 95 receptions, 1,050 yards receiving and seven touchdowns. I can't go higher than 99 on receptions for 2008 if only because that's a ridiculous thing to predict -- a tight end with over 100 receptions. But don't be surprised if it happens. Gonzalez is still the #1 weapon on the Kansas City Chiefs' offense.