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What Kind of Money Will Glenn Dorsey Get?

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Sorry about the downtime earlier this morning. Everything should be good now.

With the news that the Falcons signed quarterback and #3 overall pick Matt Ryan to the tune (Why does that phrase exist in connection with signing contracts?) of $74 million, with $34 million in guarantees, that naturally makes us Kansas City Chiefs fans curious as to what our own top five draft pick will garner.

Take a look at the table below, which lists the last five top defensive tackle picks and their contract information. It also lists the contract information for the previous five #5 overall picks. Remember - it's all about the guaranteed money. Also, keep in mind that these aren't exact numbers. There is no comprehensive list (The USA Today contract database is a great resource but doesn't list full contract amounts) that I can find, so I relied mainly on newspaper reports for my contract information.

Year Rd Sel # Player School Team ~Maximum Value Guarantees
2007 1 10 Amobi Okoye Louisville Houston Texans $17.6 million $12.785 million
2006 1 12 Haloti Ngata Oregon Baltimore Ravens $14 million $9.3 million
2005 1 16 Travis Johnson Florida State Houston Texans $10.2 million $7.77 million
2004 1 14 Tommie Harris Oklahoma Chicago Bears $9.8 million $6.9 million
2003 1 4 Dewayne Robertson Kentucky New York Jets $54 million $13 million
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
2007 1 5 OT Levi Brown Penn State Arizona Cardinals $62 million $18 million
2006 1 5 OLB AJ Hawk Ohio State Green Bay Packers $37.5 million $16 milion
2005 1 5 RB Cadillac Williams Auburn Tampa Bay Buccaneers $31 million $15.1 million
2004 1 5 S Sean Taylor Miami Washington Redskins $40 million $13 million
2003 1 5 CB Terence Newman K-State Dallas Cowboys $33.4 million $13 million

As a baseline, we know Glenn Dorsey will get at least $13 million in guarantees because that's how much 2006's first-taken defensive tackle Amobi Okoye, who was the #10 overall pick no less.

Dorsey's guaranteed money probably lies somewhere around $18 million or so, which is about in line with last year's #5 pick OT Levi Brown. Offensive tackles are going to garner more than a defensive tackle, so, while adjusting for the inevitable increase, I think $18 million guaranteed is a good guess.

Dorsey's agent, Joel Segal (who also represents Kansas City safety Bernard Pollard) of the agency Worldwide Football Inc., is a major NFL agent with a large client list of mid to upper level players. Segal's other clients include Reggie Bush, Michael Vick (I guess he still counts), Alex Brown, Jerry Porter, Will Smith and TJ Duckett as a few examples.

Reggie Bush did sign at the eleventh hour (literally even I think) in late July 2006, so Segal's last major client cut it close to a training camp holdout.

What do you think Glenn Dorsey's contract details will be and do you think he'll be in camp on time?