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Average Age of the Chiefs Roster: 25

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Including all seventy players currently on the Kansas City Chiefs' active roster (No UDFAs), the average age is just a tad above 25-years old. The average number of years experience is right under 3.5

If you don't count our twelve rookies that we just drafted, the average age only jumps to 26-years old.

Forty-six Chiefs have three years or less experience. Only fourteen have more than five years experience.

Of the seventy players on the roster, only nine were here before Herm Edwards started in 2006.

Of the thirty-eight players drafted by former Chiefs' head coach Dick Vermeil between 2001 and 2005, only four of those players remain Chiefs today.

(As a side note, like most of the NFL, nearly half of the current Chiefs hail from either California, Florida or Texas.)

And for a little perspective on the incredible divergence this franchise has taken from previous years, here is the average roster age for previous seasons:

2007: 27.3
2006: 27.4
2005: 28.1
2004: 27.3
2003: 27.6
2002: 27.9
2001: 27.5
2000: 27.7
1999: 27.9
1998: 27.6
1997: 28.2
1996: 28.2
1995: 27.7
1994: 26.7

To be fair, these numbers are averaged from the end of season roster. But like I said above, even if you take out our rookies this year, our average age is still only a tad above 25-years old. I had to go back fifteen years to 1994 to find an average roster age below 27.

I don't have any major point here other than to bring up more evidence of the dramatic transformation of our football team. The Chiefs are doing what people have been saying they should have done for years - throw off the shackles that mediocrity in the NFL will put on you and start from the ground up.