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"Hard Knocks" Epilogue

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After writing a few days ago about last year's "Hard Knocks," HBO's sports documentary that covered the Chiefs' training camp and preseason, and going over all my favorite remembered moments from the show and having so many readers chime in with their favorite memories, I thought I'd add one last thing that the show has been missing: a proper epilogue.

Every great documentary needs an epilogue to tell us what happened to its featured characters down the road. Come on, it's like Movies 101. We learn this stuff from Hoosiers.

So I took the liberty of writing out the official epilogue for "Hard Knocks," after the jump.

You can thank me later. Just imagine some Jay-Z blasting in the background as the camera freezes on each player that the epilogue discusses.

After filming, the Chiefs started off with a surprise 4-3 record at the bye week, before losing their last nine games and finishing 4-12.

After winning the starting job, Damon Huard was sacked 40 times in his games as starter. He was eventually injured.

Brodie Croyle stepped in his place for six games, finally starting at quarterback. However, he failed to win a game and injured himself twice, throwing for six touchdowns as well as six interceptions.

Tony Gonzelez had a career year, breaking several all-time tight end records, but his friend Jason Dunn struggled and was released by the Chiefs.

Jared Allen also had a career year, keeping his nose clean and leading the NFL in sacks. A contract dispute sent Jared Allen to the Minnesota Vikings in a trade in exchange for three draft picks.

Dwayne Bowe made a splash in his first year, basically notching a 1,000-yard year and earning the #1 WR spot in 2008.

His mentor, Eddie Kennison, injured himself on the first play of the year and was let go by the Chiefs this offseason.

Boomer Grigsby never flourished as a fullback. The Chiefs let him go. He is currently fighting for a job on the worst team in the league.

Larry Johnson struggled most of the year as defenses did everything they could to swamp him. He was injured shortly after the bye and finished the season on IR.

Shortly after, Priest Holmes assumed the starter role but struggled, breaking no big runs nor scoring any touchdowns. He was injured two games later and subsequently retired.

Kyle Turley struggled with injuries the entire year, and struggled with defensive ends even more, surrendering sack after sack. He retired shortly after the season.

Bobby Sippio didn't make one reception.

The Chiefs, loaded with picks in 2008, earned widespread praise at the 2008 NFL Draft. The Chiefs are a full-tilt rebuilding franchise. "We have a lot of holes to fill," says head coach Herm Edwards.