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The Chiefs will be taking the Vikings by the horns.

The Chiefs released their training camp schedule for 2008 today (via


So at this point I recommend you do a few things, if you're a die-hard like me who has to keep up with the entire proceedings at River Fall without being physically present:

First, if you're one of those guys who desperately wants to go, but you keep skipping out on the experience by annually telling yourself "I'll go next year," go this year. As ripe for nostalgia and as storied as River Falls has been for the Chiefs' annual training camp, there's been murmurs that the Chiefs may just start holding training camp in Kansas City before long. As sad as it would be for us purists who love River Falls, it might not last much longer.

Second, bookmark this link, this link, and this link. The first should keep you up to date on the regular goings-on in Wisconsin, far away from your watchful eye. The second will come in useful when those boatloads of training camp pictures come in and you want to tell one player from the other. And the third... well not to toot our own horn or anything, but we blew away all mainstream media coverage last year in our obsessive monitoring of River Falls.

Third, get ready for a lot of this:

There still figures to be some drama this summer when DE Jared Allen reunites with his old teammates.

Yep. All I can say... is I hope Brandon Albert pans out. Actually, nobody will be more surprised than me if Jared Allen plays more than two snaps in the intersquad scrimmages. The Williams duo didn't even suit up to play the Chiefs last year, so I think this is just another instance where the media reports on something because they're paid to report on something.