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Chiefs to Release Veteran Safety Greg Wesley

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After exhausting all trade possibilities for Greg Wesley, the Kansas City Chiefs will release him.

"They told me after the draft that if they couldn’t trade me before the minicamp, they would release me then," Wesley said, referring to the June 6-8 minicamp. "Since then, they told me they would release me sooner than that.

"This would be great. I feel like I’ll be in good shape as far as getting a job even if they don’t do it until June 1. Some teams have shown a lot of interest in me. There’s not a big supply of safeties. I guess you could say the demand is bigger than the supply, so I’m not worried about getting a job. They’re just waiting for me to be released."

Wesley lost out to the younger crew of Bernard Pollard and Jarrad Page, despite, in my opinion, playing just as well last season as that pair if not better.

Greg Wesley spent his entire nine-year career with the Chiefs, leaving Kansas City with 29 interceptions and 497 tackles.

There was no reason to keep Wesley on with the current conditions of the team, making him less a casualty of his play and more of his age. Arrowhead Addict has a post on Wesley too.

That should be it for me today. Packing and organizing my life before I head out tomorrow is top priority. I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the help I've brought on.

In the meantime, FanPosts, FanPosts, FanPosts. I'll be checking in over the next few days but I'll definitely be around less.