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Morning Update (Most Hated Edition)

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  • Kansas City Star -- "'I've told people this is the best draft we've had since 1963,' Steadman said."

  • Dave at Blogging the Boys is "almost convinced that T.O. is a changed person for good."

  • Another fine installment of Football University at Mile High Report.

  • Lots of good stuff from Bob Gretz in his latest column -- "Derrick Johnson is on the cusp of becoming one of the NFL’s most complete linebackers."

  • Anyone else forget that Samie Parker signed with Denver?

  • I'm not much of a gambler but I know enough to say that these odds aren't good for the Chiefs.

  • More love for Dwayne Bowe -- "There was room for only one second-year player on this list, and Bowe gets the nod over the Lions’ Calvin Johnson. While Johnson battled back problems and struggled to get going in a pass-oriented, mistake-prone Detroit offense, Bowe started 15 games and starred in Kansas City’s run-oriented, conservative offense."

I'm a bit busy as I tie down the final loose ends at work this week so I'm going to throw out a topic that I read about on a Chiefs' message board - Which former Kansas City Chief can you absolutely not stand? Who do you hate?

The kicker who shall not be named will not be named in this post so choose someone different.

Like many of the posters in that forum said, I'm going to say Elvis Grbac. He spoke at a school event I was at and you could see his smugness as soon as he stepped into the auditorium. Plus, he was a terrible player. That could have something to do with it.

Man, I hate Elvis Grbac!