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Morning Update (Unlucky Edition)

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  • chiefsfan1384 mentioned recently cut WR Koren Robinson on Friday and it turns out all is not well in the Robinson family -- Koren Cut, Brother Jailed.

  • Major congratulations are in store for Warpaint Illustrated, who will be celebrating their five-year anniversary this summer. Everyone over there does great work and WPI deserves a place in your favorites if it isn't there already.

    AP will turn two at the end of July and that seems like an eternity, so I can't even imagine how I'll feel at five years.

    There's a ton of work going on behind the scenes at the various Chiefs sites on the Internet, even if the finished product doesn't give off that appearance. If anyone tells you this isn't hard work, they simply don't know what they're talking about. Kudos to Nick and the crew at WPI for a well-deserved break and an important milestone.

  • What if because of salary cap issues on other teams the Chiefs are able to bring back WR Joe Horn and DE Vonnie Holliday?

  • Do you ever wonder what former Chiefs head coach Frank Gansz is up to? Neither do I.

  • Steven at Arrowhead Addict grades the Chiefs' 2005 draft and comes up with a near failing grade. I gave that draft a B-. And for some reason, I worked "Cha-ching" into the post.

  • Don't forget to click the "Recommend" link on FanPosts you like. It is right above the comment section in the post.

  • And the Kansas City Star's sports blog is back in business.

  • (Cough....Ahem) Link Arrowhead Pride in "In Case You Missed It" (Cough)

  • This high school kick is even more dramatic than Phil Dawson's kick last November.

These are exciting times in the non-digital world for me. At the end of this week, I'll be moving down to Austin, TX, for a new job. I'll be away (but always around it seems) from Wednesday through Sunday - packing, driving and getting settled in. Business will resume as normal on Monday though so don't get too worried.

And this means...that I'm going to leave the site in the very capable hands of one our readers during that time. Which one? You'll know on Wednesday morning.

More to come later today. Hope everyone's weekend went well.