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Morning Update (Overrated Edition)

  • Mr. Wendler at WPI is reviewing the Kansas City Chiefs' options for the draft. First up, Matt Ryan.

  • Make sure you check out the Mock Draft Challenge at KC Chiefs Fanatic.

  • Good timing by Arrowhead Addict -- Chiefs Stock: Jordy Nelson.

  • WPI off season round table #3 -- "The other player I’m expecting strides from is Turk McBride. He’s got the same sort of team-first, hard-worker attitude Pollard brings. He’s been working out with Jared Allen in Arizona this offseason, and at times last year he flashed that three-technique, interior pass rush the Chiefs need."

  • Peter King -- "I think what you're going to see two Saturdays from now is a team like the Ravens, Falcons or Chiefs trade up from their perch high in the second round to try to get Brohm, assuming none of the three take Ryan earlier in the first round."

  • An anonymous team source on KU CB Aqib Talib -- "There is no way I’d touch (Talib). He’s gotten into a lot of trouble, and he still does not get it." Draft time smoke screen?

  • An unidentified Atlanta Falcons player was subpoenaed after being named by a steroid dealer.

  • SB Nation has a new Saints blogger. Drop by and wish him good luck.

  • Is Terrell Owens overrated?
I'm almost over this illness so expect more output in the next couple of days. Unfortunately, today I have obligations to my other job. You know, the one that actually pays the bills. So expect me to check in at lunch time and then around 4 PM after that. Enjoy the links!

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