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Morning Update (A Quick One While I'm Away Edition)

  • Chiefs defensive line coach Tim Krumrie tested Sedrick Ellis at USC's Pro Day.

  • From KFFL, the Chiefs attended Furman University's Pro Day.

  • Michael Ash reviews the Chiefs' defensive line.
Today's update is a short one because I'm on my way to help the less fortunate through Habitat for Humanity. I'll be gone until 4 pm central time or so and when I get back, I'll make the necessary updates.

In the meantime, diaries, diaries, diaries. I used to have anxiety about leaving the site for a day or so but not anymore. The diary section is often better than the front page. Thanks to all of the contributors.

Primetime should be able to post his Dallas pick soon. If ds1 and c rag can keep a close eye on the draft and get me their picks as soon as soon as possible, we'll be all caught up by tonight.

Have a great day everyone. It's Friday! And if anyone gets my post title reference, you've won my musical admiration.

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