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Morning Update (In Charge Edition)

  • Morgan St. Tight End Rohnie Sykes has signed with the Kansas City Chiefs after going undrafted this past weekend.

  • TCU Horned Frogs guard Matty Lindner signed a free agent contract with the Chiefs.

  • Just came across this interesting article on undrafted free agents and the stress involved post-draft.

  • Get this. The Rams' owner may have tweaked their draft board to put Chris Long ahead of Glenn Dorsey.

  • There is more pressure on Tamba Hali than ever before, now that he'll be taking over Jared Allen's left end spot.

  • Clark Hunt - "But there will be times when one way or another, we’ll let a quality young player go. I don’t like doing it, but if you look at the examples of Pittsburgh and New England, they’ve been willing to let quality players who are still in their prime go, through trade or just outright through free agency, because they don’t believe the compensation that would be required to keep that player is in the best interests of the team."

    I linked this story from WPI before but I wanted to reiterate that line from Hunt especially. His thoughts on building through the draft are encouraging as well.

  • The Bucs received several trade offers during draft weekend for QB Chris Simms. One team reportedly offered a 6th round pick and another a 7th rounder. Was one of those teams the Chiefs?

  • Random thought: After this past weekend, what is the Chiefs' strongest position? Gotta say running back.

  • Bob Gretz wasn't completely relieved of his duties -- "Though Bob Gretz has been replaced by Kendall Gammon as the sideline reporter on KCFX and the Chiefs Radio Network, the Chiefs confirm that he won’t be bumped off as a columnist on the Chiefs’ Web site."

  • I'm sure you guys saw this and I'm also pretty sure that newspaper writers don't write their own headlines but damn this is a bad one -- Chiefs choose Charles to put a charge in running game.

    Charles in Charge
    Of our days and our nights
    Charles in Charge
    Of our wrongs and our rights

    And I sing, I want,
    I want Charles in Charge of me!

    Ha! Try to get that out of your head this morning.

You know you're on an obsessive Kansas City Chiefs web site when you've nailed pretty much all of the UDFA's the team is looking at before any formal announcement is made. I have to give major props to the Chiefs internet community as a whole for compiling the list. And you also know you're obsessed when you think about these guys like they were drafted in the first round.

Man it feels great to have Chiefs news!

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