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About that Kansas City Chiefs' Offensive Line

Most Kansas City Chiefs fans expected the team to come out of draft weekend stocked with offensive line prospects, likely with at least two upper-tier prospects coming to Kansas City. Last year's line was so atrocious that only Damion McIntosh, Brian Waters and possibly Rudy Niswanger could say for sure that they had jobs in 2008.

Surprising many, the Chiefs dipped into the offensive line talent pool only twice and only drafted one upper-tier prospect - Virginia OG Brandon Albert at #15. Barry Richardson, a tackle from Clemson, was taken early in the 6th round and has already been considered a "steal" by many. Normally, and Richardson may be an exception, 6th round tackles don't jump in and start.

So where does that leave the Chiefs' offensive line, which was by far the weakest link in an already weak team chain?

Currently, this is how I see the line stacking up (Qualifier: This will change) -

LT - Brandon Albert, Anthony Alabi/Wade Smith

LG - Brian Waters, Herb Taylor, Tre Stallings

C - Rudy Niswanger, Wade Smith

RG - Will Svitek, Herb Taylor

RT - Damion McIntosh, Barry Richardson

It's been noted that if Albert does indeed win the left tackle job, that McIntosh will move to the right side either as a guard or a tackle.

I left out few practice squad guys and it should be obvious that this is a very preliminary depth chart. Also, if you've heard read or heard any tidbits about who will be playing what position, chime in and let us know.

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