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Competition For Jordy Nelson

Kansas State wide receiver Jordy Nelson flew under the radar for the large part of his college career.  He never quite hit the national scene until teams became comparing him to Wes Welker.  And after the season that Patriot had, it's no surprise to see Jordy's stock soaring into the 2nd round. 

Nelson and his agent have been hearing 2nd round from multiple sources.  The Redskins were reportedly interested in him and had him out for a visit.

"They just said they were interested and wanted to see how I might fit in with their team," said Nelson, who is ranked as the 8th best receiver entering the draft after entering the NFL Combine in February ranked between 11th to 15th. "I went out to eat with the owner, head coach and position coach, toured the facility, and met some of the players. They just wanted to find out what kind of person I am."

Good news for Jordy but potentially bad news for Chiefs fans.  It's been well documented here how we feel about him.  It doesn't seem as if the Chiefs are willing to spend a 2nd rounder on him but with the addition of two more 3rd round picks, it's possible we could snag him either via trading up or taking him at the top of the 3rd.  That is, unless, the Redskins get him first.

Are we ready to roll the dice and hope he falls to the 3rd round or are the Redskins going to get him in the 2nd?

Hat tip to PFT

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