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Morning Update (Cusp of History Edition)

Welcome back! The sites are up and running (cross your fingers) and we appear to be out of the woods as far as those problems go. I know it was a terrible time for the outage to happen but you know what, life goes on. That is by far the most downtime we've ever experienced here at AP and all of the regulars can attest to that. Sometimes, things just happen that are beyond your control. We're live now and that's all that matters. Draft day live blog tomorrow! I'll be posting the draft open thread early. Get excited!

  • If you write or talk about sports in any way, and you made a serious reference to that "He went to Jared!" jewelry commercial this week, shame on you. Shame. On. You.

  • Mr. Babb at the Kansas City Star is right -- Now, perhaps more than ever, the Chiefs need to make wise use of their first round pick.

  • Looks like Glenn Dorsey will likely be the #2 overall pick by St. Louis Rams.

  • Source -- "Derrick Harvey of Florida has all the qualities the Lions are looking for but several league sources say Harvey won't get past the Carolina Panthers (who have the 13th overall pick) -- if he manages to slide that far."

  • Herm on NFL Live (via a few messageboards) -- "I keep saying we want fifteen [picks]."

  • You probably read this already but this is from Hashmarks yesterday (H/T primetime) -- "Recent history says Kansas City, Carolina, Buffalo, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Miami are likely to fare well in the NFL draft Saturday. Those teams hold the fifth, 13th, 11th, 29th, 23rd and 32nd overall choices, respectively, and those picks have been kind to teams since 2000."

  • More good stuff from Arrowhead Addict -- Adam's Draft Apples.

  • Nick Athan has his final mock draft posted. The Chiefs take Brandon Albert at #8.

Allow me a moment to get my Peter King on and tell you to never fly American Airlines again. Mechanical issues, bag issues. Miss Arrowhead Pride and I ended up getting stuck in Dallas on our way to Austin and just ended up driving it. Four hours, 200 miles and years off of my life later, we're here.

Primetime is taking care you today and he's already previewed some good stuff for me.


It's Game Time.

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