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Building Through The Draft

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Judging by the recent mood around here, people are beginning to realize life after Jared.  Yes, we did lose our best defensive player but we A.) received great compensation for him and B.) didn't have to commit $31 million guaranteed to one player.  This is a good thing.  Dynasties have been built in the draft before .  If you take a look at some of the better teams in the league, their drafting success is bar-none. 

The Indianapolis Colts are the prototype for building through the draft.  They did everything the right way.  They selected their franchise quarterback in 1998 when they had the opportunity.  GM Bill Polian doesn't miss on first day picks very often.  The Colts have just a handful of players on their roster who weren't drafted by the team.  It's much easier to extend a player's contract than to sign him on the open market.

Our divisional foe the San Diego Chargers are another team that has built through the draft.  The Chiefs should look towards the Chargers 2004 draft as a best case draft scenario.  The Chargers moved out of the #1 slot into the #4 and netted 3 Pro Bowlers along the way.  Philip Rivers, Shawne Merriman and Nate Kaeding are the three players.  Michael Turner is another draft pick that ended up becoming a "luxury" on their team.  The Chargers are a classic example of building through the draft.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are another team that has built through the draft.  They seem to be able to stock pile linebackers that work well in their system (and subsequently bust when they leave -- Hello, Kendrell Bell).  Their linemen seem to stay around for a decade (Alan Faneca) and then leave.  Their team is overall solid and built through draft picks.

The Chiefs can become one of these teams.  Maybe this will be the draft that everyone looks back on and says "That's the draft that started those great Chiefs teams."  13 picks is an awful lot.  We are bound to hit on about half of those.

So when the season starts, don't focus on the fact that Jared isn't there.  Focus in on the fact that we got a pretty good deal for him.  We are adding (hopefully) quality starters all around.  Let's focus on who is on the team, not who is off the team. 

Besides, maybe one of those extra 3rd round picks we received will be taken on a long snapper that turns out to be the NFL's sack king 4 years later.  Hey, it could happen...

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