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Morning Update (Inevitability Edition)

I apologize for the downtime yesterday evening and night. Thank you for your patience.

  • Wow. The Vikings owner had to borrow money for Jared Allen's signing bonus. (H/T The Football Wire)

  • Pacman Jones has been traded to Dallas. Blogging the Boys has all the details.

  • Crane at Arrowhead Addict -- 10 Reasons NOT to Draft Matt Ryan.

  • The columnists weight in on the Allen trade.

  • Jared Allen's agent -- "We were the ones chasing. We were the only ones to make a formal proposal. Last year, Jared had me running around the country, to the Super Bowl and the Senior Bowl and the combine and those sorts of things, making proposals to the Chiefs. We didn’t ever really feel like it was going to end up with a contract agreement."

  • John Clayton -- "Expect the Chiefs to actively shop for a trade that could put them into the top 12 of the draft in order to get one of the top offensive linemen. One possible trade partner could be the Buffalo Bills. With the 11th pick, the Bills are looking at wide receiver Devin Thomas and one of the three top small-college cornerbacks. By moving back, the Bills could maybe pick up a third-round pick and still have a choice of one cornerback and possibly Thomas."

  • I'll be posting these until draft day -- WPI's Sedrick Ellis profile.
There's a short morning update for you this morning while I prepare to travel today. Primetime will be along in a bit to take over posting duties. I'll be around but not as much as usual. Like I said in the Housekeeping FanPost, we will be live blogging the draft so make sure you come by on Saturday.

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