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Arrowhead Pride's Best of Jared Allen



He autographed a fan's DUI citation.

He was honest about his academic ambitions in college.

He put on a show for his new team last season with eight tackles, two sacks and one forced fumble.



He credited his mullet for his NFL sack lead.

He was arrested for drinking and driving. Twice. Within a year.

He was drafted for his long snapping skills as well has his defensive skills.



He threw a tantrum and demanded a trade. Last year.

He left with a record contract for a defensive end and we got him for peanuts while he was here.

He perked up for his DUI booking mug shot.



He hunted a 200 lb. boar with only a knife.

He fended off the "skanks" to find his girlfriend.

Got any more?

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