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Morning Update (Rumors Edition)

  • I know the rumors around here about the Jared Allen trade as of yesterday were saying that the Vikings were willing their 2008 1st and first 3rd round pick AND their 2nd round pick in 2009. I have not been able to confirm this yet. In fact, Judd Zulgad of the Star-Tribune wrote late last night that the offer stands at the Vikings' 2008 1st and first 3rd round pick and that's it.

    Zulgad says, "The Chiefs, though, likely are looking for a first- and second-round selection and also are talking to other interested teams."

    So, officially, that '09 second round pick has not been thrown in. If someone has a link to a confirmation, that would be fantastic. As you know, we like to properly vet stories around here. I am aware of the Scout article that's out and I need a bit more before we confirm this.

  • Good timing by Lanier63 with the Dolphins' latest pick in the AP Mock Draft, Arkansas State S Tyrell Johnson. The Chiefs are one of five NFL teams to have shown strong interest in the small school recruit.

  • Michael Vick's ears perked up -- Cincinnati Bengals LB Odell Thurman Reinstated.

  • This isn't the first time the Vikings have been interested in Jared Allen. The wild card in these talks that no one is talking about? Jared Allen's agent Ken Harris. C.E. Wendler wrote a great piece just over a year ago on this topic:
    But I don't buy for one second that Allen has suddenly transformed into a money-hungry mercenary eager to dump a town that embraced him. There's been something fishy about these proceedings the entire time.

    And Ken Harris reeks of corruption.

  • Informative read from Adam Teicher and he used a line that I've never heard -- "The Chiefs will soon need a boxcar to carry all of their rookie offensive linemen."

  • East Coast Sports News -- "Rumors are flying that the New Orleans Saints are looking to trade into the top part of the draft to land a defensive tackle and have contacted the St. Louis Rams about the availability of their pick...however, I believe the Saints and Chiefs could become trading partners on draft day, if the player the Chiefs want is already off the board...the Saints would move up to the Chiefs five spot and take USC defensive tackle Sedric Ellis with the pick, while the Chiefs would move back five spots and still be able to land one of the top offensive tackles in the draft."

    Very plausible in my opinion.

  • Role-reversal -- Pacman Jones picking a man out of lineup.

  • New Era Scouting -- "The Chiefs will surprise no one when they select an offensive lineman with the 5th pick overall. The only thing that will change this pick is if Glenn Dorsey is still on the board. Carl Peterson and Herman Edwards are both big fans of Dorsey and hope to see the talented pass rusher available."

  • New Era Scouting also has their April Draft guide available for download. Lanier63 again proves prophetic, as he just asked for the older edition a few days ago. It's 90 pages of draft info, so make sure you print it out on your office printer.

  • SBN 2.0 feature of the day - When you're checking out new comments, just tap C and the screen will automatically jump to the comments you haven't read yet.

That's a lot of innuendo and rumors to digest, which will be our fuel until this Jared Allen situation is resolved.

I would not be surprised if Jared Allen's agent, Ken Harris, is behind a lot of this animosity between Allen and the Chiefs. I think the main thrust of Allen's original trade request back in February 2007 was a money-hungry agent with few clients trying to cash in on his lottery client.

Then again, you can explain that trade request a few different ways as well and they make just as much sense.

Back with the Colts mock draft pick in a bit.

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