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How Much Did the Vikings Offer Jared Allen?

Less than Dwight Freeney's standard bearing contract. Apparently anyway.
We’ll also continue to monitor the Allen situation. At this point, though, Allen is back home in California contemplating the Vikings’ offer, which is believed to be a six-year deal that includes $25 million in guarantees and carries a total value between $50 million and $60 million.
Since we're smart football fans here at AP, we know that NFL contracts are all about the guaranteed money. It would appear that, if this deal is true, Allen's deal is not the blockbuster we've been waiting for.

If this is the contract, shouldn't the Chiefs match this and pay Allen the $25 million guaranteed? If they don't match it, chalk up another point for Allen and Carl Peterson being unable to work together.

Stay tuned as we continue to keep a close watch on the trade situation.

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