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Morning Update (Jared Allen Trade Edition)

  • The Daily Norseman is reporting that Jared Allen to the Vikings is "virtually a done deal."

  • I saw on a sports ticker this morning that Minnesota is offering Jared Allen a contract in the $30-35 million guaranteed range and Minnesota's first and third round picks this year.

  • Adam at Arrowhead Addict has pretty much broken down every trade scenario for the Kansas City Chiefs in this draft. It's a must read.

  • Adam Teicher in the KC Star -- "One Chiefs defensive player who did not wish to be identified was angry that the Chiefs would even entertain thoughts of trading their best defensive player and one who at 26 fits in nicely with their youth movement." Mr. Teicher seems to have come to the same conclusion I've come to - this potential trade doesn't make sense.

  • Another thought I've read at a number of other places - What if Jared Allen is asking the Chiefs for too much money in their eyes and these "trade talks" are a way of seeing what Allen's true value is?

  • Here is the Minneapolis Star-Tribune's take on the potential Jared Allen trade. The comments are almost unanimously in favor of the trade.

    But the Star-Tribune helps plant a seed of doubt for Chiefs fans, at least in my mind, with this line -- "[Viking defensive end] Erasmus James, a first-round pick in 2005, is question mark after battling knee injuries the past two seasons." Allen has never been injured. We may never get another player like him to come through Kansas City again.

  • ESPN -- "Wade Smith is getting close to making a decision about a new team, writes John Clayton. The free-agent offensive lineman visited the Chiefs this week and has a visit scheduled with the Ravens Thursday. Smith made the all-rookie team in Miami in 2003 and is only 26. He could make a decision in the next day or two."
I will still only truly be satisfied with Jared Allen leaving Kansas City for no less than two first round picks. I know it's a steep offer that doesn't have a realistic chance of occurring but that's how I'm feeling right now.

Also, I have some extremely exciting news. Arrowhead Pride will be switching to the new SB Nation 2.0 blogging platform on Monday! I'm not sure the exact time we will go live to the new site but if you come here Monday morning and see an entirely different web site, don't be alarmed.

Check out Athletics Nation for a tease. We'll have in house stats and player info as well, hosted on the site itself. This is the culmination of a lot of work by some very talented people. I'll point them out when we go live. The new site also means that I've got a bunch of work to do transferring sidebar content, special pages, etc. So, use this post as a Jared Allen discussion clearing house and I'll post our first mock draft pick of the day later this morning.

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