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A Brief Look at the State of the Kansas City Chiefs Roster

Player Action Comments Player Action Comments
Chris Bober Cut Unsigned Demorrio Williams Signing From Atlanta
Eddie Kennison Cut Unsigned Devard Darling Signing From Baltimore
Gilbert Harris Cut Unsigned Oliver Hoyte Signing From Dallas
James Reed Cut Unsigned Anthony Alabi Signing From Miami
Jason Dunn Cut Unsigned Billy Cundiff Signing From New Orleans
John Welbourn Cut Unsigned Nick Novak Signing From Washington
Kendrell Bell Cut Unsigned Dustin Colquitt FA Resigned
Khreem Smith Cut Unsigned Jared Allen FA Franchised
Ty Law Cut Unsigned
Eddie Drummond FA Unsigned
John Carney FA Unsigned
Kyle Turley FA Unsigned
Samie Parker FA Unsigned
Casey Wiegman FA Signed with Denver
Boomer Grigsby FA Signed with Miami
Benny Sapp FA Signed with Minnesota
Kris Wilson FA Signed with Philadelphia
Keyaron Fox FA Signed with Pittsburgh
Jimmy Wilkerson FA Signed with Tampa Bay

This is as much of an exercise for me to get things straight in my head as it is an informative post. Ride along with me.

Players lost: 19
Players signed/re-signed: 8
Current number of players on the roster: 58
Maximum number of players on the roster when the season starts: 53 (Only 45 dress for each game)
Most players on the roster in the off season: 80+

The Chiefs have ten picks in the draft this year so expect a dozen or so more players to be added after the draft in the form of undrafted free agents. The Chiefs added sixteen UDFAs last year so expect about the same this year. Tyron Brackenridge was the only UDFA to make it to the regular season.

Starters lost by position: Offensive line (2), Wide receiver (2), Kick returner (1), Fullback (1), Corner back (1) and Rotational defensive tackles (2).

I know we've been offensive line happy when it comes to the draft this year but let's not underestimate the importance of the Chiefs picking up a wide receiver and a corner back at the end of April. With the loss of Kennison and Parker, the Chiefs quite desperately need another player to compete for the #2 WR slot. Devard Darling will help with that a bit but there are no guarantees on a guy who has played sparingly in his career and who Baltimore let go without a fight.

Current players by position: Center (1), Corner back (5), Defensive end (3), Defensive tackle (4), Fullback (1), Off. guard (2), Kicker (3), Linebacker (8), Long snapper (1), Punter (1), QB (4), Running back (3), Safety (5), Off. tackle (7), Tight end (3), Wide receiver (7)

Don't let some of those numbers fool you into thinking the Chiefs are content. We may have seven offensive tackles but only one, Damion McIntosh, is currently slated as an NFL starter.

The average experience for the Chiefs current roster is 4.5 years and will get lower as the fresh blood comes in and guys like 19-year veteran John Carney are more than likely let go.

Any random thoughts to go along with mine?

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