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Morning Update (Short Edition)

  • KFFL reports that the Chiefs are interested in Wisconsin-Whitewater RB Justin Beaver, a 5'9", 200 lb. D3 runner. His stats are here.

  • Good read from Adam Teicher about the danger of having a top five draft pick.

  • NFL Draft Countdown interviews Virginia OG Brandon Albert -- "I feel like I can play left tackle. With my athleticism I think if a team was to draft me and put me there I would thrive. " Kudos to his agent for that response. (H/T to FF)

  • The excuses for Oklahoma WR Malcolm Kelly are piling up.

  • Arrowhead Addict asks who's in your fave five.
Not much going on on this stormy morning in Kansas City. I'm working on the Falcons next pick (Moose Knuckle is busy this week so I'm taking over for him) and a definitive list of college player visits to Arrowhead, which I may or may not be able to get together.

Anyone found a good list of player visits to Arrowhead? I haven't found a completely solid one yet.

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