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Kansas City Chiefs Guard Brian Waters on the Jim Rome Radio Show Today

I caught Kansas City Chiefs guard Brian Waters on the Jim Rome radio show today and since we're waiting on Ben to get his AP mock draft pick in, I figured I'd fill you guys in on what he said.

Jason Whitlock was there to ask him a few questions.

On who the Chiefs should draft...

- A team with a lot of holes to fill
- The Chiefs will probably end up trading down
- A lot of good offensive linemen this draft
- Jake Long would be great but there are a lot of other good players too

On expectations for this season...

- Optimistic last year; was completely wrong
- Cautious outlook this year

On trade rumors involving himself...

- If the Chiefs want to trade him, so be it. He wouldn't be shocked. It's a business.
- Has not asked for more money
- Heard a lot of different rumors this off season
- Hopes the Chiefs are up front with him about their plans
- Sitting out off season training activities (OTAs) but that's normal for him. He wants to spend time with his family.

I listened to this interview because it was billed in the notes on the Jim Rome web site and on a few Chiefs message boards as an interview where Waters floats the idea of the Chiefs trading him. I did not take that away from this interview. Whitlock prodded Waters a bit to talk about the Chiefs trading him but Waters gave the standard athlete response - It's a business. It wasn't anything any one else wouldn't say to a randomly brought up trade rumor. He didn't exactly sound ecstatic about the organization and it's direction but he wasn't asking for a trade either.

So if you read about this interview elsewhere, I wouldn't sweat it. It wasn't much to listen to.

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