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Boomer Grisby Doesn't Mind Crashing Cars

Enjoy him Miami.

Grigsby let a friend borrow his car to make an impression for a job interview at a car dealership in Las Vegas, where Grigsby trains in the offseason. The friend gave Grigsby the keys to his mother’s Jeep Liberty.

It rained. And for those not used to driving in Las Vegas when it’s wet, the conditions are comparable to a sheet of ice because so much oil builds up on the hot roadways.

Grigsby wasn’t familiar and soon found himself barreling into an accident he couldn’t pull out of.

"I kind of gave a growl and smashed into it face-first," Grigsby said. "(The passenger) had this look of shock, and I was just ‘That was awesome!’ I got out and did the celebration-of-life dance.

What? No celebration of life dance for Lance Briggs?