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Morning Update (Proof of Favre's Retirement Edition)

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Click here to see Favre's press conference streamed live.
  • Since I made a few snarky comments about Brett Favre right when he retired, I'm setting the karma straight by linking to a live stream of his retirement press conference (And because the NFL asked us to). It starts at 11 11:30 AM central time.

  • I would only want OT Ryan Clady in this year's draft if we trade down for him. I don't care how good his Pro Day was.

  • Here is an interesting read -- "On the other end of the spectrum are the Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, and Baltimore Ravens - who have built a player-oriented culture, in which players often cite 'feeling valued' or 'respect from management' as reasons why they resign or gravitate to certain clubs more than others."

  • Safety Greg Wesley wants out of Kansas City.

  • WPI caught up with Herm Edwards this week and talked free agency, the draft and Darren McFadden. Wouldn't you know Herm said this -- "We’re going to create competition at a lot of different positions."

  • I should have been posting these earlier but Michael Ash has been doing a great job with the Chiefs' position analysis at Real Football 365. Safety is the latest position reviewed.

  • Forget talking about Tony Richardson coming back to KC. He's a New York Jet now.

  • If I was the coach of a team that was worse than the Chiefs last year, I'd be looking at Trent Green as well.

  • Turns out the strategy for success in the Iditarod dog race is not unlike the strategy used to win in Oregon Trail.
Coffee, sports blogs, coffee, sports blogs. Some things don't change. I'll be back later with a 1999 draft review. Or something else.