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Kansas City Chiefs Mock Draft Tracker -- #5

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I found the first two mock drafts that have the Chiefs picking Ohio St. DE Vernon Gholston. I haven't updated this mock draft tracker since the NFL combine, so you can see the effect the combine can have on a player's standings. Ghloston's stock has definitely gone up, as has Clady's IMO.

Let's say Glenn Dorsey falls to the Chiefs. How do you feel about taking him?

First Round Choice
17 Jake Long (13) Ryan Clady (4)
7 Andre Woodson (1) Matt Ryan (6)
6 Glenn Dorsey (2) Sedrick Ellis (4)
3 Chris Long (1) Vernon Gholston (2)
The Football Wire
DT help is a priority at this point for the Chiefs. The offensive line is important but without any top 10 line candidates left, the Chiefs will add Ellis to what is already one of the best defensive end duos in the league.
NFL Mocks
Dorsey, injury troubles and all, is still one of the most dominating players in the draft. In KC he will help form of the best D lines in all of football.
The NFL House
Brodie Croyle struggled mightily this season, but that wasn't all his fault. His receviers couldn't get open, his team had trouble running the ball, and his O-Line couldn't block anyone. I have a feeling that the Chiefs won't give up on Croyle just yet, and a gifted LT like Ryan Clady might be the difference between 5-11 and 9-7.
Draft Wisdom
Long is considered the best offensive lineman in the draft and the Chiefs definitely need help on that side of the line. The Chiefs may have to look at other offensive lineman prospects. Offensive Line should be their main concern and I don't think they want to bank on Long falling to them with this pick considering the Saint Louis Rams will consider drafting Jake with the second pick if they do not have the option of taking Chris Long. However, in this scenario I have the Rams going with Glenn Dorsey and Jake Long fitting in with the Chiefs.
Inside the Eagles
Vernon [Gholston] has what it takes to be a top notch DE in the NFL. Physical player with speed to go with it. Strong Combine. Tied with most bench press reps at 37.
Pro Draft Guide
Gholston worked wonders in Indianapolis but due to a deep crowd in front of him, he will fall to fifth overall. The Kansas City Chiefs defense is improving on all cylinders but adding another pass rusher to the mix will only help them in the long run. The linebacker corps is mediocre and Gholston has all of the measurables they need. His size, speed, and strength warrant attention from offensive coordinators. Gholston is as physical as they come and could be better suited as DE in the 3-4 but will more than likely live up to his potential (or exceed it) in the Chiefs 4-3 system.