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Pure Speculation: Could Pacman Jones be a Kansas City Chief?

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Update: Check the comment section. This rumor is dead.

The following is 100%, pure speculation about Pacman Jones coming to Kansas City. It relies on message board rumors and other descriptions that may or may not be true. I don't usually address rumors like this but boredom in between election return coverage and an inability to go to sleep have influenced me greatly to write this.

Adam at Arrowhead Addict has been floating the possibility of the Chiefs signing Pacman Jones for some time now, most notably last week. The Chiefs desperate need for a corner coupled with the current lack of options at the position make Pacman Jones an interesting prospect for the Chiefs, Adam says. I happen to agree.

There was a thread over at Chiefs Planet (among other places I'm sure) about Pacman Jones calling into an Atlanta radio station recently saying that he would be very soon be on the roster of an AFC West team that wears red that also needs a corner. Let me be clear when I say this is 100% rumor.

Nick Athan of WPI recently said this during Senior Bowl week -- "What I can tell you is a source inside the Chiefs' organization related some shocking news. This team has plans that might surprise the fan base. Of all the things I learned this week, that might be the most exciting." Could it be the signing of Pacman Jones? That would definitely fall under "shocking".

Finally, current Chiefs DT Tank Tyler's agent is also Pacman Jones' agent.

So add these miscellaneous things up and what do you get? Nothing concrete. But we do get an interesting discussion for this morning.

Bring Pacman Jones to the Chiefs, put a ton of behavior clauses in his cheap contract and have Herm Edwards lock Pacman in a room like in the movie Trainspotting to get rid of his strip club addiction.

Your thoughts on Pacman Jones as a Kansas City Chief?

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