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Morning Update (Mocks Everywhere Edition)

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  • I can't enough of posts like this - Rise And Fall: The NFL Quarterback Bust-Rate.

  • Imagine Darren McFadden on the Chiefs in the third edition of the Blueprint at Arrowhead Addict. There's some great discussion over there about Adam's plans.

  • The Cowboys are selling the naming rights to their new stadium. I shuddered last February when the Chiefs acquired the naming rights to Arrowhead Stadium from the City of Kansas City and there was casual talk of giving the stadium a corporate sponsor.

  • From KFFL, Josh Buchanan, of, reports Bentley OG Mackenzy Bernadeau is scheduled to visit the Kansas City Chiefs in April. Also, Northwest Missouri State TE Michael Peterson is receiving interest from the Chiefs after his Pro Day.

  • Check out the best collection of Emmitt Smith gaffs I've ever seen. One of my faves -- "Brett Favre went into Dallas nine times and have a big goose egg."

  • Any conversation for or against Pacman Jones coming back into the league should probably include this guy.

  • Interesting note -- Tennessee State CB Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie has only one kidney.

  • I wish I could write as well as the esteemed leader at Royals Review. Rumor is he's using writing enahncing drugs, i.e. graduate school.

In addition to the fantastic AP Community Mock Draft going on right now (I have jimme's #16 pick and will be posting it shortly), the SB Nation collective is having our 2nd Annual SB Nation Mock Draft. Headquarters for the draft is at our resident NFL draft site, Mocking the Draft.

In addition to checking Mocking the Draft, I'll keep us updated in the diary section with the current picks. I will definitely need your help with the Chiefs' pick, so keep an eye on the diary section for when we're up to pick.

Also, I wanted to say thank you to all who have participated in the mock draft so far. It is going absolutely perfect, which is, of course, the most I can ask for. Thanks!