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Surprising No One, No Compensatory Picks Awarded to the Kansas City Chiefs

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Teams are awarded compensatory picks based on a secret formula involving the caliber and number of free agents gained and lost. Not surprisingly, the Kansas City Chiefs inaction in free agency didn't lead to any extra picks.

The Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals were each awarded four compensatory picks for the upcoming NFL Draft.

A total of 32 picks were awarded to 15 teams as determined by a formula derived from free agent losses and gains.

Chicago, Indianapolis, Philadelphia and Washington will each receive three picks, while two choices were awarded to Buffalo, Carolina and Miami. Atlanta, Green Bay, the New York Giants, St. Louis, San Diego and Tennessee each were granted one compensatory selection.

The extra picks, slotted in rounds three through seven, will supplement the 220 choices in the 2008 NFL Draft, which will be held April 26-27.

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