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Former Kansas City Chiefs Kicker Justin Medlock Requests a Trade

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From first kicker selected in the '07 draft to, who is that guy again?

The first kicker selected in last year's draft was Justin Medlock, who was cut by Kansas City after missing a 30-yard field goal on the first drive of the season. Medlock is now in St. Louis, stuck behind the league's highest-paid kicker in Josh Brown. He has received permission to seek a trade. The Broncos are interested, but not at the expense of a draft pick. . . . The Broncos also are considering bringing in veteran free agents John Carney and Paul Edinger to compete with Matt Prater, who remains the top candidate to replace Jason Elam.
Seeing Justin Medlock fail is a guilty pleasure of mine, ever since I read on his Facebook profile after he got cut that he said California was "waaaay" better than KC. Or something like that.

He should try, you know, making field goals. That should help his career.