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The Kansas City Chiefs Free Agency Weekend Round Up

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Isn't it thrilling to be a Chiefs' fan during free agency? No? Yeah I know what you mean. But keep in mind that huge mistakes are made in free agency so it's not always the best move to rush out and sign the next big time guy. And this year was not the year to sign the next big guy.

Some notable signings around the league include Michael Turner going to Atlanta, CB Randall Gay was signed by the Saints and Lance Briggs re-signed with the Bears. Alan Faneca got $21 million guaranteed to go play for the New York Jets.

As expected, the Kansas City Chiefs made few waves in the free agency pool over the weekend. After Chiefs’ free agent DE Jimmy Wilkerson signed with the Bucs, the Chiefs signed LB Demorrio Williams, a 2004 4th round pick by the Falcons. KC also added Oliver Hoyte, a 6'3", 250 lb. fullback. Hoyte was a linebacker coming out of college and the Cowboys converted him to fullback. Sound familiar?

After the first weekend of free agency, here's the Chiefs current roster, consisting of 56 players. This isn't the "official" roster but I think I've narrowed it down from reports of who we know will be gone. Before the season starts, the Chiefs will have close to 80 players on the roster. The Chiefs will theoretically add ten players in the draft, leaving room for 10 or so more players that need to be added. (Let me know in the comment section if I've left out or left in someone)

Offense Pos Acquired Defense Pos Acquired
Niswanger. Rudy C FA-06 Barksdale. Rashad CB W (PHI)-07
Grigsby. Boomer FB D5a-05 Brackenridge. Tyron CB CFA-07
Hoyte. Oliver FB FA-08 Johnson. Chad CB FA-08
Smith. Rob G FA-07 Patterson. Dimitri CB FA-07
Waters. Brian G FA-00 Surtain. Patrick CB T (MIA)-2005
Carney. John K FA-07 Allen. Jared DE D4b-04
Cundiff. Billy K FA-08 Hali. Tamba DE D1-06
Novak. Nick K FA-08 McBride. Turk DE D2-07
Darche. Jean-Philippe LS UFA-07 Boone. Alfonso DT UFA (CHI)-07
Colquitt. Dustin P D3-05 Edwards. Ron DT UFA (BUF)-06
Croyle. Brodie QB D3-06 Jackson. T.J. DT FA-07
Greene. David QB FA-07 Tyler. Tank DT D3-07
Huard. Damon QB FA-04 Williams. Demorrio LB FA-08
Thigpen. Tyler QB W (MIN)-07 Baldwin. Johnny LB W (DET)-07
Battle. Jackie RB FA-07 Edwards. Donnie LB UFA (SD)-07
Johnson. Larry RB D1-03 Harris. Napoleon LB UFA (MIN)-07
Smith. Kolby RB D5a-07 Harris. Nate LB CFA-07
Alabi. Anthony T W (MIA) -08 Johnson. Derrick LB D1-05
Jones. Adrian T W (NYJ)-07 Pimentel. Mickey LB FA-07
Leffew. Travis T FA-07 Thomas. Pat LB FA-07
Lobdell. Joe T FA-07 Harris. Erick S FA-07
McIntosh. Damion T UFA (MIA)-07 McGraw. Jon S UFA (DET)-07
Stallings. Tre T D6a-06 Page. Jarrad S D7-06
Svitek. Will T D6a-05 Pollard. Bernard S D2-06
Taylor. Herb T D6-07 Wesley. Greg S D3-00
Allan. Michael TE D7-07
Gonzalez. Tony TE D1-97
Bowe. Dwayne WR D1-07
Price. Maurice WR CFA-07
Sippio. Bobby WR FA-07
Webb. Jeff WR D6b-06

Some of these players likely won't be on the team -- Jackie Battle, a couple kickers and one fullback for example -- but I haven't heard anything on them.

I've got to give it up for everyone who wrote in the diary section over the weekend. Fantastic job and a great example of how this site keeps humming along, even if I'm not posting to the front page.

Off to grab some coffee then I'll be back with a post about our two new Chiefs, Oliver Hoyte and Demorrio Williams.