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How Long Will New Fullback Oliver Hoyte be a Kansas City Chief?

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You can tell by the way I phrased the post title that I don't think much of Oliver Hoyte. I'm not writing Hoyte off because that would be completely unfair. But when I read things like this from a blogger I highly respect, I get a little suspicious (The paragraph breaks are my doing).

Starter: Oliver Hoyte - I’m placing Hoyte in the starter’s role only because he was the starter at the end of the year. Personally, I don’t believe he will be the starter in 2008, that role will either go to Deon Anderson or a player currently not on the roster. Hoyte was a former ILB that was moved to the offensive side of the ball under the previous coaching regime and remained there for 2007.

Hoyte’s skills as a FB are limited to blocking; he doesn’t present a threat as a ball-carrier or a receiver out of the backfield. Even Hoyte’s main strength, blocking, has flaws. He’s a very willing and physical blocker, and when he hits a defender with proper leverage he can deliver a devastating blow. But too often he fails to find the correct defender to block in order to open a hole and he can also take a bad angle in his blocking that limits the effectiveness of the hit.

You have to credit Hoyte for switching positions and giving it everything he has but his limitations at the position creates problems for the Cowboys offense. I have no confidence that this experiment will last into 2008.

Hoyte sprained his neck last year, missing six games. Even with that minimal playing time, Hoyte was lucky. Cowboys' rookie full back Deon Anderson was out the entire season with a shoulder injury, prompting the Cowboys to fill in with Hoyte. Without Anderson's injury, Hoyte doesn't take the field in 2007. Don't you cringe at the idea of a fullback with a neck injury?

As much as I hate to say it, it appears that we've signed the Cowboys' version of Boomer Grigsby. If the Chiefs draft Owen Schmitt out of West Virginia, both Boomer and Oliver are out at fullback.