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Morning Update (Debt Edition)

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  • The price for Pacman Jones is going up.

  • This is scary -- Chargers linebacker Merriman's prized Mercedes stolen, torched.

  • The Chiefs won an award.

  • Former Chief, current Eagle Kris Wilson said yesterday, "I think, at the tight end position, you have to be a jack of all trades. I think that I can mix it up and do a number of things on the field." That's the problem with Wilson. He's a jack of all trades and a master of none.

  • A college offensive lineman in Florida died last night of natural causes in his home.

  • The draft winds can change dramatically -- "NFL Network's Charlie Casserly is reporting that 18 of the 21 NFL teams that he polled this fall had LSU DT Glenn Dorsey as the top senior prospect for the 2008 NFL Draft."

  • There were lots of NFL prospects at LSU's Pro Day yesterday. Check out the official scorecard here.

  • The NY Times goes over some of the proposals that will be floated during the NFL's annual meeting next week.

  • Could you imagine being $9 billion in debt? I know it's not really an issue for the NFL but man that's a lot of money flowing in and out of that league.

  • Gardner-Webb DE Brian Johnston will visit the Jaguars before visiting with the Chiefs on April 16-17.
Did I miss something with all of this talk about the Chiefs proposing a ban on long hair at at next week’s annual meeting in Palm Beach, FL? Is it that big of an issue?

It's not and I think that it's just a slow NFL news week. Thankfully, we've got the AP Mock Draft to keep us entertained. I'll be posting the #10 pick shortly.