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Morning Update (Make or Break Edition)

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  • Which is it Herm?

  • From WPI - Chiefs building massive wide receiver corps.

  • RB LenDale White of the Tennessee Titans is skipping voluntary work outs this week but the team hasn't heard from him at all. You'd think if you were getting paid millions of dollars you'd at least pick up the phone to say you weren't coming. One of the most frustrating things for me to watch in sports is someone squandering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  • I had no idea that Broncos WR Brandon Marshall had caused so much trouble in the last few years.

  • Here is what officially went down with the Ryan Sims/Michael Bennett draft picks with the Bucs:
    On May, 2007, the Buccaneers traded their seventh-round pick in 2009 to the Chiefs for defensive tackle Ryan Sims. The trade stipulates that the pick will only go to the Chiefs if Sims is on the Buccaneers' active roster for at least six games in 2008. Sims was on the roster all season, and thus the pick did go to the Chiefs.

    On October 16, 2007, the Buccaneers traded their sixth-round pick in 2008 to Kansas City for RB Michael Bennett and the Buccaneers' own seventh-round pick in 2009. In other words, Tampa Bay reacquired the pick it traded for Sims while trading for Bennett. The deal stipulated that Kansas City would have kept that pick had Bennett rushed for 400 or more yards with the Buccaneers; he finished with 187.

    This explains why we have ten picks this draft instead of the widely reported eleven.

  • Random thought: Jared Allen needs more television cameo appearances.

  • Very good article by Jonathan Rand at -- Make or Break Draft.
I'm proud to say that after two days, the mock draft is successfully rolling along without any problems. Remember when you pick and everything should be just fine.

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