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Morning Update (Tampering Edition)

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  • Herm Edwards seems to think that New Orleans and St. Louis talked with free agent center Jeff Faine and free agent kicker Josh Brown before free agency began. The article also mentions the possibility of trading or releasing backup QB Damon Huard. (H/T AA)

  • Gunther Cunningham isn't just the DC anymore.

  • The KC Star has an article on Derrick Thomas' son -- "It helped me deal my dad’s death. Swimming became my kind of stress reliever. Getting in the water helped me get past all that. It helped me build a name for myself."

  • Dustin Colquitt has a new column out at WPI -- "OTAs are voluntary, but if you don’t come you’re pretty much shunned out. I don’t know why they call them voluntary workouts, because you have to go. You get to meet people, work with them, and get to know another side of them than just the football side. That’s fun to do because you end up hanging at Arrowhead all day and getting to know each other."

  • Arkansas, Mississippi State, and Wake Forest will be holding their Pro Days today. There's this McFadden guy that may cause a few NFL teams to show up in Arkansas today.

  • From East Coast Sports News -- "NFL Network's Mike Mayock is reporting that both of Oklahoma WR Malcolm Kelly's knees are of such concern, that he could be completely removed from some NFL teams' final draft boards."

  • Because of tampering with Chicago LB Lance Briggs, the 49ers will forefit their 5th round pick and switch draft spots with the Bears in the 3rd round.
I feel a little uneasy about the Chiefs possibly letting Damon Huard go. He won't cost much money in a year where we have a lot of salary cap room. I also believe that having a veteran presence at QB, even if only in a backup capacity, is important. If Croyle gets dinged up, I'd like to have Huard in there over a lot of other guys.

Pick #4 in the AP Community Mock Draft will be posted soon. Check back later.