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Jared Allen is Cheap

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In between picks of our mock draft, I wanted to throw a tidbit of info out there about Jared Allen's salary. Naturally, his next deal, will be a lot bigger than his rookie 4th rounder contract. I knew we were getting JA cheap but I didn't know how cheap until I looked at his salary history.

Year Base Salary Sign Bonus Other Bonus Total Salary Cap Value
2007 $2,350,000 $0 $360 $2,073,889 $2,073,889
2006 $425,000 $0 $1,870 $426,870 $521,038
2005 $305,000 $0 $4,620 $309,620 $403,786
2004 $230,000 $282,500 $0 $512,500 $324,166

The next three defensive ends behind Jared Allen in the 2007 sack lead -- Patrick Kerney, Mario Williams and Usi Umenyiora-- received tens of millions in yearly salary in their first years in the league. Almost no matter what JA's new contract is, the Chiefs have a great deal on their hands.

I'd love to know what bonus netted Allen $360 last year.