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Arrowhead Pride Community Mock Draft -- Pick #2 by the St. Louis Rams

And with the #2 overall pick in the 2008 Arrowhead Pride Community Mock Draft, the St. Louis Rams select:

Michigan OT Jake Long

Draft Profile

DThomas Reigns on his pick:

The nearly fascist ownership of the Rams recently made HC Scott Linehan a lame duck HC during their annual "grill the coach" meeting between ownership and their coach. They then promptly hired Al Saunders as the OC to reclaim their offensive glory years.

Yeah, after last year's embarrassment, they want to get better on offense. QB = got one. RB = got one. 1st round DL = got one last year. WR= got an aging one but can't spend a #2 pick on this crop of players. Ancient LT about to retire = got one on IR.

Jake Long can play RT (where many scouts think he will play in the NFL) until Pace retires, then move to LT.

An offensive minded HC, master OC, and the obvious desire to banish the terrible OL play last year that nearly killed their newly minted $60+ million QB, means they are going offense, and the only player to merit the #2 pick for the STL is Jake Long. You don't threaten the offensive HC, pay insane money to the OC (familiar from your glory years), and expect the team to go defensive.

They won a Super Bowl with no defense, spent last year's 1st on a DL, and are going to try to recreate their run by making sure the aging Torry Holt, expensive QB, and stud RB have a chance to inhale after the snap by securing the OL.

1. Miami Dolphins - QB Matt Ryan
2. St. Louis Rams - OT Jake Long

On the clock: Atlanta Falcons (Moose Knuckle)

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