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Morning Update (Future Chop Blocker Edition)

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  • We'll find out this morning if Casey Wiegmann is going to be a Denver Bronco next season. Wiegmann left Denver yesterday and is back in Kansas City, discussing the proposal with his family.

  • Somebody's excited about Mike Solari.

  • I really get the feeling like Herm Edwards loves going to Pro Days. It's definitely his element.

  • Picking winners for your bracket, by the numbers.

  • This site quickly became one of my morning stops each day -- East Coast Sports News.

  • Excellent read from CE Wendler -- "The lesson to be learned? High-priced NFL cornerbacks are overrated commodities, unless their name is Deion Sanders." I'm sure primetime 07 agrees.

  • Will Atlanta draft Darren McFadden? Apparently not.
Anyone else scrambling to get their bracket together this morning? I used to be so much better at this!

Three #1 seeds in the finals...check...take KU out early to take advantage of all of the KU homers in my #12 over a #5 seed...check...Oh man this bracket is going to be terrible.